Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

Welcome to Mobile Rescue Mission

No one dreams of being homeless.
However, due to economic circumstances, loss of job, mental illnesses, addictions or poor choices, this nightmare becomes a hopeless reality to many. That’s where Mobile Rescue Mission comes in. The Mission offers hope to those in need.

Mobile Rescue Mission 01The staff and volunteers at the Mission recognize that the men and women who come seeking help are just like the rest of us. While some are without jobs, 44% have jobs and have children who depend upon them. Veterans who served their country with honor in times of war account for 13% of the nation’s homeless.

They are struggling to rebuild lives shattered by joblessness, foreclosure, medical bankruptcies and personal tragedies. They want to do better. But they need support. At Mobile Rescue Mission, faith-based principles are used to combat homelessness, poverty and addiction, to transform people from the inside out.

The staff and volunteers truly have a heart for helping those in need. They look past the circumstances and stereotypes and see the human beings inside. They recognize the value of every person who walks through Mobile Rescue Mission’s doors. It is the goal of the Mission to address a person’s spiritual and physical needs and provide services to bring about positive, permanent changes in their lives.

All of the stories on this site are genuine. We hope you will read their stories and help us help more people like them.

Together, we can offer them hope for a brighter tomorrow. Read Michael’s story to see just how bright those futures can be.


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