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Think about the last time you had to walk anywhere without shoes. It’s fine if you’re walking across the living room, a freshly cut lawn, or the beach. But when you have to trudge down a street, through the woods, or in the rain? It’s miserable. But that’s the reality that many of the homeless in your community face. And that’s where your church can help.

Right now, we’re on a Sole Mission! Can you spare a pair? Your new or gently used shoes can literally change a life. There are thousands of homeless and needy along the Gulf Coast. A pair of shoes can mean the ability to get to a job interview, boost self-esteem, and protect from the elements. We need men’s and women’s shoes. And any shoes that can’t get given away will be sold in the Waterfront Thrift Stores.

You can set up a bin in your business, club, or church, complete with the attached poster. We just ask your congregation, when they donate shoes, to take a picture of the donation and post to social media with the hashtag, #asolemission.

Some of our partners:

In Mobile:

In Pensacola:

We’ll also have bins placed in each of our 7 Waterfront Thrift Stores, as well.

If you’d like a bin and a poster, please email