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Christmas Shoebox Project

Are you looking for ways to get your family, co-workers or even church involved in serving at Christmas? Our Christmas Shoebox Project is a great way to get give back.

This is an ongoing community project where anybody can serve those at the Mission. There are many people in our community seeking basic necessities. By becoming involved with the Christmas Shoebox Project, you are able to provide things needed daily and also give back locally!

Below is a list of basic needs of men and women who come seeking help at the Mission. Please pack the items in a shoe box and wrap it as if presenting it as a gift for an individual who is staying at our Mission. You can pick the size of the gift box you want to wrap. Please wrap the lid of the box separate from the box itself.

Men                                                           Women

Bar of Soap                                              Perfume

Shampoo                                                 Skin Lotion

Deodorant                                                Fingernail Clippers

Toothpaste                                               Socks

Toothbrush                                               Kleenex

Razors                                                       Pens

Skin Lotion                                                Writing Tablet

Fingernail Clippers                                 Envelopes

Socks                                                         Postage Stamps

Kleenex                                                      Nail Polish

Underwear (Med to 3x)                            Notebook

T-Shirt (Med to 3x)                                     Bible – (New Living Translation Recovery)

Comb/Brush                                              Small Devotional

Pen                                                             Journals or small notebooks

Writing Tablet


Postage Stamps

Stocking Cap & Gloves                                         


Please drop them off at the Mission closest to you. Below are the addresses:

Mobile Rescue Mission: 279A North Washington Ave., Mobile, AL 36603
Waterfront Rescue Mission: 348 W. Herman Street, Pensacola, FL 32505
Emerald Coast Rescue Mission: 112 Hollywood Blvd SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548