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Provide a Thanksgiving feast

Help ensure that hungry and homeless neighbors receive a hearty dinner this Thanksgiving season. Every $2.17 not only provides a meal, but also helps to meet other important needs—and can be a first step toward new life. Please give generously today.

Provide delicious meals for your homeless and hungry neighbors

You will provide comfort and joy to many hurting hearts when you sponsor tables at the Waterfront Mission this Thanksgiving season. Whether you sponsor one table or 100, your gift will feed local homeless people — and give them the best possible chance to recover.

Your Support is Urgently Needed

Your gift will go to immediate work helping your homeless and hungry neighbors this summer. You will provide them with nutritious meals, along with shelter, clothing, and other long-term recovery services. Please make your generous donation now.

Raise the Roof!

Many thanks to our program clients who participated in the Raise the Roof Project! From June 19 – June 23, our program clients volunteered to replace a badly needed roof in Mobile’s inner city. RTR is a partnership ministry of Dauphin Way United Methodist Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mobile.  @theraisetheroofproject @RTR_project