Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

Jeff’ Story…

Mobile Rescue Mission offers a Rescue and Addiction Recovery Program for men. The highly structured program’s curriculum, teachings and individual and group counseling are firmly rooted in the Gospel. The program offers opportunities for personal and spiritual enrichment and helps in dealing with the life-dominating issues that have led to their addictions. All rescue and recovery services are offered free of charge.

Men seeking to learn how to live their life free from addiction must interview to enter the program. Once accepted, they will begin their journey to recovery at the Mobile Rescue Mission in Mobile, Alabama. The program is divided into two phases. Phase One offers a rigorous Bible-based curriculum, individual and group counseling, and a work experience program to help men start to rebuild their lives. In Phase Two they move to Pensacola, Florida where in addition to counseling and work therapy, participants work one-on-one with chaplains to address the life-dominating issues that have led to their addiction. Some men are also able to work towards obtaining their GED.

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