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The trusted leader in homeless Rescue and Recovery services since 1949

Homelessness is a complex problem with many contributing factors, including addiction, poverty, unemployment and personal tragedy. Waterfront Rescue Mission’s Mobile Campus is working to add a variety of emergency, preventive, and extended stay services to assist each homeless person’s unique situation. Our goal is to connect those in need with community resources or offer specified care to provide the tools needed to lead a life of stability and self-sufficiency.

Waterfront Rescue Mission of Mobile, Alabama offers several programs:


The Recuperation Dorm offers sick and injured homeless men a safe, quite place to heal. Respite Care has hospital beds and a handicap accessible bathroom and shower.

What happens to veterans when they have no one to come home to, no one to help them deal with the emotional and physical trauma of war?

John served in the Army and was homeless for many years. Facing numerous medical conditions related to his service, he didn’t know where to go to get help.

“The Mission welcomed me with open arms. They will give anybody a chance. If you are willing to do something with your life, they will keep you and help you.” – John, Veteran’s Care Program Client

The Veterans Administration, who sends representatives to the Mission twice weekly, interviewed John and discovered that he was eligible for assisted housing through Volunteers of America.  They helped him through the application process, and now John has his own apartment.

“I’m so grateful to be off the streets. Now I don’t have to live out of a backpack. I can come home.”

The brave Americans in our military make unimaginable sacrifices to protect our freedoms. Military veterans account for 7 percent of the nation’s homeless population, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. At the Mission, veterans account for about 13 percent of those we serve. At Waterfront Rescue Mission, we are proud to serve those who risked their lives to serve our county.

At the Mission’s Veteran’s Care Program, homeless veterans work with a representative from the local VA to secure eligible benefits such as pension, housing, and medical assistance. But getting benefits takes time. Once they enter the program, veterans who are eligible for VA benefits can stay up to three months at Waterfront.

Each year, more and more veterans like John seek help at Waterfront. If you would like to help homeless veterans achieve the dignified life they have earned, a donation of just $17 will provide a day off the streets, and $119 will provide a week of care the Mission’s Veteran’s Care Program.

“When you give to the Mission, you’re offering someone the chance to have a better life. I look at my life now…I can never thank them enough,” John said. “Give from your heart because it works.”