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The trusted leader in homeless Rescue and Recovery services since 1949

Have a question about Waterfront Rescue Mission or its Mobile Campus? Below are some answers to the questions that are most frequently asked, however, if you have any additional questions, you can call us at 888-853-8655 or email us.

No, Mobile Rescue Mission is a Christian organization, however, services will not be withheld from someone just because they are not a Christian.
No, we are a Christian organization, but the Mission is not tied to any one church or denomination. In fact, we enjoy support and involvement from a wide variety of congregations.
No, like most rescue missions, Mobile Rescue Mission is autonomous and governed by a local Board of Directors. All funds received support Mobile Rescue Mission facilities and programs in Mobile, Escambia and Baldwin Counties in Alabama, as well as Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida. Mobile Rescue Mission is also a member of Association of Gospel Rescue Mission (AGRM), a national organization that works to accelerate quality and effectiveness in missions who are members.
Guests who do not want to attend chapel services should let a staff member know when they first check-in. Instructions will be given at that time concerning the Mission’s process for accommodating those who want to receive a meal but do not want to attend chapel.
If you or someone you know needs the services of the Mission, please call 888-853-8655 or visit your local Mission to learn about space availability and program requirements.
Twice a year Mobile Rescue Mission has acquisition drives to gain new donors to help fund our programs. These efforts are done through special mailings using lists of names we rent for a one-time use. Your name may have been included on one of these lists.
No, Mobile Rescue Mission does not sell, rent or loan supporters’ names to anyone.
No, Mobile Rescue Mission relies completely on private support from individuals, corporations, businesses, churches, foundations and groups that see need in their communities and want to help their local Mission serve the less fortunate.
A full 80% of all funds received goes toward program services, 14% goes toward general and administrative services, and 7% goes to fundraising. Mobile Rescue Mission an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau, an accredited member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
Yes, just call 888-853-8655 and request a copy of our annual report.
No, however, you can still make contributions to Mobile Rescue Mission through United Way. Military personnel and federal employees can also give to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Please visit the Workplace Giving page to learn more.
If a gift or donation is unspecified, it will be used where it is most needed. Any funds collected over the cost of the designation will be used in other vital Mission services. Any funds collected over the cost of the designation will be used in other vital Mission services. . A gift, however, may be designated toward a specific facility or program by written notation. An annual report of Mobile Rescue Mission’s accountability is always available upon request.
Direct mail is the best tool for communicating Mobile Rescue Mission’s goals and financial needs to those who are concerned about the less fortunate in their community. We understand that people might not be able to give every time they receive a request, but it is our responsibility to keep the needs of the homeless and hungry in the minds of those who can help.
Yes, the Mission would love to talk to you about different mailing options. Call 888-853-8655 to communicate your needs.
Notify Mobile Rescue Mission of your new address or any new contact information either by making the necessary changes on your latest response device or by calling 888-853-8655 with your updated information.
Absolutely! The Mission would love to talk to you about their monthly giving program, Friends With a Mission. Visit the Friends with a Mission tab at the top of the page or call 888-853-8655 today for more details.
  • Don’t give cash. Well-intended gifts are most often used to buy drugs or alcohol. If someone is hungry, it’s better to buy him or her something to eat.
  • Talk to the person with respect. Even if you are unable or unwilling to help the homeless, talking to them in a respectful manner and tone will help them fight the isolation and depression of their situation.
  • Take precautions for your own safety. Be cautious and careful while conversing with homeless people and do not take unnecessary chances. Stay in areas where other people can see you and help if needed.
  • Tell them about Mobile Rescue Mission. Giving local homeless the opportunity to get off of the street is the first step toward breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness that so many are experiencing. Help them discover that opportunity by telling them about Mobile Rescue Mission.
There is no one answer or an easy explanation of the situations that can lead one to become homeless. Factors such as mental illness, drug or other substance abuse, divorce or financial hardship, loss of job, personal or family tragedy can all play a part.
Because we can rely on recurring monthly gifts, the Mission can better plan for the future. FWAM provides a constant foundation of support ensuring that we can shelter, feed and care for the hundreds of local men, women and children who need help each month. A monthly plan can also help you budget your annual giving.
EFT is an Electronic Funds Transfer, in which your credit card or bank account is automatically debited in whatever amount you are comfortable with giving every month. You simply fill in an authorization form that allows your monthly pledge to be automatically debited to your credit card or checking/savings account.
No, FWAM members generally prefer the convenience of EFT, but checks and cash are gladly accepted. The Mission recommends electronic giving because it greatly reduces the time and costs associated with processing donations, ensuring that your gift goes further.
Send us an email. We’ll send you a Friends with a Mission welcome packet that includes your payment authorization form. For further details, please call toll-free 888-853-8655.
You may cancel at any time by emailing us at We will process your cancellation request as quickly as we can.