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The trusted leader in homeless Rescue and Recovery services since 1949

Gerald had only been in the Mission’s Veterans Affairs Care program for a week when his heart started to hurt.

“I had always had a lot of health problems, but I knew everything was getting worse.”

After being released from the hospital, he was put into the Mission’s Respite Care Program.

“When you’re in the Mission’s programs, you have a job that you do every day. When I got back from the hospital, I felt worse than what I felt like when I went in. I couldn’t do any work. I had to be in a wheelchair, so it would have been work just to get around.”

In Respite Care, Gerald was able to rest in a quiet, dark place.

“I slept the first 2 days I was there. All I did was sleep. Respite is very quiet and the lights only go on if someone is cleaning. All I had to do was heal.”

Gerald said the most beneficial part of the Respite Care Program was the hospital beds.

“The hospital beds are an important part. You can lift your head up and it helps you breath. When you’re not feeling well, it really helps to be able to lift your head up and not have to worry about lying flat constantly or finding enough pillows. For me, it made me physically feel better.”

If Gerald weren’t at the Mission, he would have been living in a motel. The Mission was there not only to help Gerald through the Veterans Affairs Care Program but also to help him heal. Now that he is better, Gerald is back in the Veteran’s dorm, working at the Mission’s Day Resource Center, and applying for permanent housing through a Veterans Housing Voucher.